Amazon Kindle Fire Full Review

Full Review of Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon Kindle Fire Review

Amazon Kindle Fire Review

So You want to get a new Kindle Fire. I will discuss a few FACTS about the Kindle fire based on my 2 days experience.

Amazon Kindle Fire is a nice tablet armed with Wi-Fi, Full Color 7″ Multi-Touch Display. but beyond that there is a lot of things missing from my point of view:

Amazon Kindle Fire has No Microphone

If you have a Kindle Fired you can’t record voice notes. You can’t install Skype because obviously there is no Microphone or Camera. even if you unblock your kindle fire and install Google Android. you will not be able to use any VOIP app.

Amazon Kindle Fire has no Camera

A Single Camera won’t heart the Kindle Fire. it will actually make it a big competitor to the iPad for many things most important is the price of the Kindle Fire comparing to an iPad.

Amazon Kindle Fire App Store will not work if you are outside the U.S

Just a question to Amazon! Why on earth you don’t allow free apps to be installed if I’m out of the U.S! Limiting a device or a service to only one region sound really stupid and it is actually!

Amazon Kindle Fire Browser Don’t support Flash

Accept it or not Flash is not Dead yet. Even the huge news websites like CNN, BBC still use Flash!

Amazon Kindle Fire OS Sucks!

Amazon Kindle Fire OS don’t have anything rather than music app, browser and app store. even if you try to transfer files from your computer to your kindle fire. you can’t organize books folders as you want to have them organize! the Kindle Dashboard will have everything mixed which will give you messy feelings!

Amazon Kindle Fire is Shipped without USB Cable and Headphones

For God sake a $10 USB cable and headphones won’t cost Amazon anything to include them with in the Kindle Fire package!


The Conclusion is that I’m really disappointed. I’ve sold the Kindle after 2 days only and I wouldn’t really recommend it for anyone who is asking about the Kindle Fire as a Tablet. in Fact I wouldn’t call Amazon Kindle Fire a tablet. A tablet used in business or even for not carrying out a heavy laptop should be armed with Microphone, Camera.



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