Windows 7 updates screen

Hello All,

First i’d Like to say I’m a PC & Proud since Microsoft released the new AMAZING, LOVELY Windows 7 i don’t wanna tell you how much i’m happy using it day after day.

I started using windows 7 since it was BETA & RC1. and after i received the RTM as a gift (Thanks to Microsoft) i’m totally satisfied.

Only one annoying thing so far. which is the window that show after you install windows updates


Current Windows 7 Update window

if you leave it for long time unfortunately it force my computer to restart! if i’m in a long call  or playing a game i just find everything is closing and BOOM the computer is restarting and there is no way to stop it!

so hopefully by i could see something like the next screen shot in the Service Pack1 (SP1) update.

Windows 7 updates enhancement

Windows 7 updates enhancement


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