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Sir this 20 pounds is fake

Dear All,

I’m Writing this because i fall in a trap and i want to advice you so you don’t fall in the same trap!

Today i went to a grocery store to buy Pepsi while i’m starting my trip to the office (From Nasr City TO Dokki) so everything was normal until i stopped to buy something else and i pay 20 pounds that i just took from the grocery store and the guy told me sir this 20 pounds is fake!!!!!!

so i take a look and i couldn’t recognize it! so he got from him another 20 pounds and told me to compare and yes he was right! the 20 pounds is FAKE.

and here is the comparison between the original and the fake money.

Special Thanks to Yooka for taking the photos

So here is how to know the 20 pound you have is normal or Fake:

  1. the Fake money is simply printed so if it got wet from water or any liquid it will start to loose the colors.
  2. The material of the paper it self is different.
  3. the size of the fake 20 pounds is smaller than the normal 20 pounds.

I will try to ask about how to report it and i will update this post soon…


Mohammed Alaa


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  1. I have just come back from sharm el sheikh and while on holiday we discovered we had loads of fake £100 notes, and we got our money from first choice! we tried to pay for something and the man in the shop said that it was fake and it wasn't their money and showed us real £100 notes! This spoilt our holiday as we were left with no money! I Think first choice or any other company dealing with foreign currency's should check all there money!!

    Posted by Barbara | July 25, 2011, 8:05 PM

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