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What happen when you seek cheap Design Firm?

i get asked many times from clients who comes and say your prices are quite more we have another proposal from XXXX Company but we just want to work with you!

I respond immediately saying the following:

1- You can’t buy a Mercedes car with the same cost of a Fiat Car even that both are cars.

Then he tells me yes sure i understand but can’t we just make it a little lower! i say I’m sorry i charge you per my working hours not like a company that will add to you taxes, electricity expenses etc… and if i make it lower then i will loose so why i take from my time and instead of working to loose i can just enjoy my life or sepnd that time with my family!

Anyway just for these kind of clients, i have found a great post for who are seeking a cheap services, the trick is that your guy/company are stealing you and fooling you.

Read the full article here: Why Logos Should Cost More Than $300

Have a nice Day,

Mohammed Alaa
User Interface Designer


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  1. Interesting post specially when you deal in middle east

    Posted by Tarik Ibrahim | September 7, 2009, 2:18 PM

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