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SEO Placement Tracking Sheet

I was working on improving my website placement in Google so I thought to create this excel sheet that can help all of you to keep track of your website position in Google, Bing, Yahoo & Kngine (New Promising Search Engine)
Currently I’m using the Amazing Google Analytics but I love always to have a record of my placements saved on my Desktop.

What’s in?

SEO Placement Tracking Sheet

SEO Placement Tracking Sheet

  • The keywords column: As you can write all the keywords you are interested to track them.
  • Monthly Visits: You can get these results by from your Google Analytics account.
  • Placement in Google: Your current position in Google.
  • Placement in Bing: Your current position in Bing.
  • Placement in Yahoo: Your current position in Yahoo.
  • Placement in Kngine: Your current position in Kngine.

Monthly Tracking:

SEO Placement Monthly Tracking Sheet

SEO Placement Monthly Tracking Sheet

As you can see in the current sheet I duplicated these results to the another sheets and only changing the month so I can see how my keywords are doing every month.


Finally you are free to suggest or change this sheet and let me know what you think by sending me your comments.

Mohammed Alaa
Web Designer in Egypt


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