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Kngine Knowledge Engine


What’s Kngine any way?

Kngine is a Knowledge Web search engine designed to provide meaningful search result, such as: Semantic Information about the keyword/concept, Answer the user’s questions, Discover the relations between the keywords/concepts, and link the different kind of data together, such as: Movies, Subtitles, Photos, Price at sale store, User reviews, and Influenced story.

Kngine Origions:

Kngine is Made in Egypt

Do i need to see ads whenever i’m searching for anything?

The good thing about Kngine is that it doesn’t show you any ads.

Kngine Status:

Kngine starts as a research project in October 2008. Over times, We succeeded to collect, represent, and index a lot of human binges systematic knowledge but it is just the start. As of now, Kngine contains 550+ million of pieces of data, for 4,000+ domains. Kngine knowledge base and capabilities already span a great number of domains, such as:

  1. 70,000+ Companies
  2. 700,000+ Movie
  3. 1,100,000+ Person
  4. 450,000+ Location
  5. 150,000+ Book
  6. About 6,100,000 concepts.
Kngine Future

Kngine, as it exists today, is just the beginning. We have both short- and long-term plans to dramatically expand all aspects of Kngine, qualities, broadening and deepening our data, and more.

We just released Kngine Beta, soon a preview of section called ‘Labs’ that will include a set of new research and technologies to access the knowledge will be presented.

check it now:


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  2. i hope the best for you…'s a great to be an egyptian like you :D:D and i swear i will use it…

    Posted by mohammed | August 11, 2011, 3:33 PM

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