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How to work with a designer?

How to work with a designer?

Designing arts, Graphic or websites is more about creativity and passion. I’m writing this article because I think I’m confused about something!

Do we work to take the clients orders and draw boxes? OR we work to provide the client for what’s good for him and give him the correct image that will enable his customers to interact with his website?

I Love to be a designer and I’m happy with what I provide but sometimes you get costumer who is like I want the website dark! Then colorful then no make it solid color then no show me a new template! Till you reach the moment that you don’t want to work on this anymore!!!!

Sometimes customers like monsters and evil superheroes!

Sometimes we meet some customers who are like AAAAHHHHHHH a Real Monsters; they don’t know what they want! Because you are the expert you have to go inside their mind and figure it out.
If he is in the day of the meeting to show him your design he will ask for it pinky shiny website, and if he is in a bad mood he will want it black or bloody red!

I did a small research and I found this link I hope you enjoy reading it…
How to (and not to) work with a designer

Big thanks to Daniel Will


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