Amazon EC2 Down & Service Shortage

Today is a horrible day for Amazon! Most of the big Social websites like Reddit, pinterest, Foursquare, Heroku and much more than you can imagine are down! because their Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) is down and having a Service Shortage.

Many popular sites like Foursquare, Reddit and Netflix reported disruption of service due to Amazon’s EC2 cloud servers. The outage has been reported almost similar to a rolling blackout and it has affected many sites on the internet.

Amazon first reported that it was having problem with it’s data centers in Northern Virginia and many affected customers took their comments to Twitter right away.

last June Amazon reported similar service failure due to severe weather over the region and the service disruption also took down Netflix and Pinterst.

Amazon has posted on their Google Plus profile that they are working on the issue and expect to have the problem resolved soon. meanwhile on the other spectrum there are rumors that Anonymous is claiming responsibility for the tangodown.


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