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Firefox 5 bugs – is this a joke?

Firefox 5 bugs – is this a joke? Today Mozilla released the latest Firefox browser version 5. After installing it on my PC (Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit) I wanted to take a tour on the new featured such as: Application Tabs Tabs Panorama BUT I discover 2 big jokes in the latest Firefox release: […]

Cufon-yui.js IE9 Fix

I was working on one of my clients website and I notices that Cufon-yui.js is not rendering any text on the latest InternetExplorer 9 (IE9) There are three ways to fix this problem you choose what works best for you! Replace your cufon-yui.js with the latest version (cufon-yui.js?v=1.09i). Add this line before the close of […]

Zend Studio 7.2.1 Code Gallery and Snippets

As a Designer, when you work in any big project you find your self writing the same code over and over again. and since I prefer to work on .NET environment I rely a lot on ReSharper most of the time. but I have this case where I’m working on a PHP project using Zend […]

Importing Resharper Live Templates

This is just a quick Tutorial on How to Import ReSharper Live Templates in Visual Studio 2010 here is the steps: In the Re-sharper Menu in Visual Studio 2010 Toolbar click on Live Templates Click import and browse for the xml file to import it. You can also check it here: Best Regards, Mohammed Alaa […]

What is your favorite HTML/CSS Editor?

Many of the new Web Designers are looking for a good HTML/CSS Editor to start learning and designing cool pages like the rest of us. So what’s next? Write your favorite editor on the comments a separate post will be posted later with the results. My favorite HTML/CSS editor: BUT after i saw the latest […]

give your application/website a happy colorful exception

why you let your customers hate the exception screen? instead they can love it! Download now! xHtml Version – 106KB ASP.NET Version – 105KB Download the complete Package (ASP.NET / XHTML / PSD File) – 1.8MB Also coming soon the WordPress version. if youlike it just leave a nice comment . PS: Don’t link directly […]

Kngine Knowledge Engine

What’s Kngine any way? Kngine is a Knowledge Web search engine designed to provide meaningful search result, such as: Semantic Information about the keyword/concept, Answer the user’s questions, Discover the relations between the keywords/concepts, and link the different kind of data together, such as: Movies, Subtitles, Photos, Price at sale store, User reviews, and Influenced […]

SEO Placement Tracking Sheet

I was working on improving my website placement in Google so I thought to create this excel sheet that can help all of you to keep track of your website position in Google, Bing, Yahoo & Kngine (New Promising Search Engine) Currently I’m using the Amazing Google Analytics but I love always to have a […]

The Web design process that works for Small and Medium Websites

Hello all, I’m writing this article to share with you my design process for any small and medium website. Let’s imagine the scenario a client (X) is coming to you and he wants you to design his website. What approach you will take to finish successfully this project without wasting a moment or losing your […]

What happen when you seek cheap Design Firm?

i get asked many times from clients who comes and say your prices are quite more we have another proposal from XXXX Company but we just want to work with you! I respond immediately saying the following: 1- You can’t buy a Mercedes car with the same cost of a Fiat Car even that both […]

How to work with a designer?

How to work with a designer? Designing arts, Graphic or websites is more about creativity and passion. I’m writing this article because I think I’m confused about something! Do we work to take the clients orders and draw boxes? OR we work to provide the client for what’s good for him and give him the […]

Why the IT Market is full of disasters in the Middle East – Part 1.

Most of us these days hear a lot about companies are closing or companies are treating badly their employees and even companies don’t want to pay their employees’ salaries or rights. There is a secret for all this disasters BAD MANAGEMENT! Bad management for IT companies is one of the main reasons of the IT disasters […]

YUI TabView Control Not Working

YUI TabView Control Not Working if you came across the YUI TabView Control you will find it not working! Well i want to use it in one project so i spend like 5 minutes to check what’s the problem with it!!!! and i discovered that it’s not working because of the Basic Markup: <div id="demo" class="yui-navset yui-navset-top"> <ul class="yui-nav"> […]

Adobe Flash 10 Website is Down Dec 01 2008

Today we went to download the full flash from by clicking on this image: And Boom!!! Hopefully anyone from Adobe will Notice 😀 I Love Social BookmarkingSubscribeDiggdel.icio.usFacebookRedditStumbleUponTechnorati

Google Chrome and Windows Live

Woww I really still don’t believe it! Google released their Browser!!! It’s really so cool faster than IE and very light but will Microsoft open All Windows Live features for Google Chrome? We will find out in a few days. Learn more About Google Chrome The story behind Google Chrome Watch a video from the […]

Egyptian Web designers Freelance Cost Survey

Freelance Website Designers in Egypt Charge   Hi All, I would like to make a survey for all the Web Designers ONLY IN EGYPT. Egyptian market is really expanding when we take about software or web design and I really noticed there is a HUGE need for web designers these days whether for a Full […]

When your client want to pay the half of your work

Real story we see hopefully not so often! I would like to share this experience with everyone in the industry especially web designers in Egypt because we share the same culture and we face many of this problems everyday! As always I was contacted for a freelance website with one of my satisfied clients, he […]

How to Make Deadlines to be your Friend

Hey it’s me again coming with an interesting article i just finished reading… Credits goes to the Author of the Article Steven Snell The article is talking about every designer and developer nightmare which is (DEADLINES). I’d like to take this opportunity to build on that post by looking not only at how we can […]

Online Shopping Carts Getting Sucks

This Article is Really wonder full Credits Goes to: bradkay Have you ever noticed that online shopping is nothing (and I mean nothing) like the real thing? One can argue that this is a victory for consumers – that the terrestrial retail model has been broken for a long time (e.g. long lines, attitude from […]

Mozilla firefox website can’t handle all the traffic

as we all know mozilla was planning to make a record for the new Firefox3 final release, i don’t know what’s going on but looks like they will not be able to track even the number of downloads because there servers are down even the mirrors for the download is down also! but that tells […]