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Why the IT Market is full of disasters in the Middle East – Part 1.

Most of us these days hear a lot about companies are closing or companies are treating badly their employees and even companies don’t want to pay their employees’ salaries or rights. There is a secret for all this disasters BAD MANAGEMENT! Bad management for IT companies is one of the main reasons of the IT disasters […]

Tips and tricks to rescue overdue projects

Tips and tricks to rescue overdue projects Original Post owner is Omar Al Zabir and the original post is located here One of my friends, who runs his own offshore development shop, was having nightmare situation with one of his customers. He’s way overdue on a release, the customer is screaming everyday, he’s paying his […]

Making the Perfect Business Case for a Business Process

Another Article that i liked so Much. Patrick Gauthier you are Genius and your Article ROCKS! Sometimes, business process and workflow redesign result in recommendations for very significant change in how “things” are done. If it is your job to establish the business case for substantive redesign or innovation in a given business process, it is […]