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Exclusive Interview with Kngine Founder Haytham ElFadeel

Haytham has over 6 years of experience in software development, and research. ranging from parallelism, distributed systems, and optimization to semantic search, and Web search engine. Beside and Prior to Kngine. Haytham involved in several research, open source projects. such as: B++ -Tree, Parallel Runtime Library, Lock-free data structure, Linker (online handwriting recognition), and others. […]

Why you should upgrade your IE 6 and IE7

Hello All, I Decided to write this article not only for Web Designers and Software Developers but for any normal internet user. Why you should upgrade your IE6, IE7 to IE8: Security vulnerabilities: Internet Explorer 6 is wide known as one of the biggest sins of Microsoft. as for the IE6 security vulnerabilities. which means […]

The truth behind ‘Twitter’

Inspired by Melody Comidy video ‘The truth behind braveheart’ Now let’s get in!

give your application/website a happy colorful exception

why you let your customers hate the exception screen? instead they can love it! Download now! xHtml Version – 106KB ASP.NET Version – 105KB Download the complete Package (ASP.NET / XHTML / PSD File) – 1.8MB Also coming soon the WordPress version. if youlike it just leave a nice comment . PS: Don’t link directly […]

Windows 7 updates screen

Hello All, First i’d Like to say I’m a PC & Proud since Microsoft released the new AMAZING, LOVELY Windows 7 i don’t wanna tell you how much i’m happy using it day after day. I started using windows 7 since it was BETA & RC1. and after i received the RTM as a gift […]

Kngine Knowledge Engine

What’s Kngine any way? Kngine is a Knowledge Web search engine designed to provide meaningful search result, such as: Semantic Information about the keyword/concept, Answer the user’s questions, Discover the relations between the keywords/concepts, and link the different kind of data together, such as: Movies, Subtitles, Photos, Price at sale store, User reviews, and Influenced […]

SEO Placement Tracking Sheet

I was working on improving my website placement in Google so I thought to create this excel sheet that can help all of you to keep track of your website position in Google, Bing, Yahoo & Kngine (New Promising Search Engine) Currently I’m using the Amazing Google Analytics but I love always to have a […]

The Web design process that works for Small and Medium Websites

Hello all, I’m writing this article to share with you my design process for any small and medium website. Let’s imagine the scenario a client (X) is coming to you and he wants you to design his website. What approach you will take to finish successfully this project without wasting a moment or losing your […]

Sir this 20 pounds is fake

Dear All, I’m Writing this because i fall in a trap and i want to advice you so you don’t fall in the same trap! Today i went to a grocery store to buy Pepsi while i’m starting my trip to the office (From Nasr City TO Dokki) so everything was normal until i stopped […]

Installing Word Press Theme

Installing WordPress Theme for our Egypt Web Design Blog

Do you want a Nokia Mobile? Don’t go to Raya!

Do you want a Nokia Mobile? Don’t go to Raya! Today i’m sharing with you my experience with Raya Nokia (Bad and lying ) Support this email i sent it to: feedback@rayadistribution.com. Now let’s read it… Dear Raya, I just wanted to tell you that it was never easy for me to handle the bad service […]

Full time web designer and internet marketing specialist job at ICT For health

ICT For health is one of the Leading IT Companies in Egypt. We have open vacancies with us at ICT FOR HEALTH (Moqattam). More details about company can be found on our website www.ictfh.com Full time Webmaster/ web designer: a. Experienced in FrontPage -multimedia designing flash, adobe Photoshop. Familiar with CMS, updating news portal and […]

What happen when you seek cheap Design Firm?

i get asked many times from clients who comes and say your prices are quite more we have another proposal from XXXX Company but we just want to work with you! I respond immediately saying the following: 1- You can’t buy a Mercedes car with the same cost of a Fiat Car even that both […]

Windows Vista Infinte Reboot Loop!

did any one face this problem? while updating the windows vista and the computer restart then i show you a message saying update 3 of 3 0% and doesn’t matter how much you wait it won’t go :)? after a small research i found an interesting link: http://news.softpedia.com/news/Get-Vista-Out-of-the-Infinite-Reboot-Loop-Configuring-Updates-Stage-3-of-3-0-with-Vista-SP1-78933.shtml this explains everything! but even till now […]

How to work with a designer?

How to work with a designer? Designing arts, Graphic or websites is more about creativity and passion. I’m writing this article because I think I’m confused about something! Do we work to take the clients orders and draw boxes? OR we work to provide the client for what’s good for him and give him the […]

Why the IT Market is full of disasters in the Middle East – Part 1.

Most of us these days hear a lot about companies are closing or companies are treating badly their employees and even companies don’t want to pay their employees’ salaries or rights. There is a secret for all this disasters BAD MANAGEMENT! Bad management for IT companies is one of the main reasons of the IT disasters […]

YUI TabView Control Not Working

YUI TabView Control Not Working if you came across the YUI TabView Control you will find it not working! Well i want to use it in one project so i spend like 5 minutes to check what’s the problem with it!!!! and i discovered that it’s not working because of the Basic Markup: <div id="demo" class="yui-navset yui-navset-top"> <ul class="yui-nav"> […]

he didn’t know Egypt!

This is a conversation that happened today with me on MSN 🙂 PS: if you don’t know Egypt this is the Location on the MAP and this is Egypt in Wikipedia

Adobe Flash 10 Website is Down Dec 01 2008

Today we went to download the full flash from www.Adobe.com by clicking on this image: And Boom!!! Hopefully anyone from Adobe will Notice 😀

Tips and tricks to rescue overdue projects

Tips and tricks to rescue overdue projects Original Post owner is Omar Al Zabir and the original post is located here One of my friends, who runs his own offshore development shop, was having nightmare situation with one of his customers. He’s way overdue on a release, the customer is screaming everyday, he’s paying his […]